Learn, Working and Faith inspire Harlos founders young men Loserian E. Losai and Kheri A. Sajilo growing in community where most youth sees employment as a solution when they finish collage. But they choose to challenge that by taking the leap of faith to start their own thing as they were dreaming to own a company one day. They look to choose an area to serve and they come up with a solution on safe transportation of goods and flexible tool for storage by supplying shipping containers. They struggled at the beginning until they decide to read a book called E-myth which brings a total turnover to their life as they come to discover their purpose and creative a better way to do business in a more meaningful way. They decide to take a coaching course with much lilted money in their account but they believe everything will be alright. And now they dedicate their business on inspiring other by creating a better way of serving customer and running a business where every startup of growing entrepreneur will be inspired and find the better way to run their business. Enabling businesses to transport, store their goods by shipping container is what we do.